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Happy Blogiversary Dress Safari!!!! It has been an amazing year. We are so thankful for our amazing brides. We are thrilled to announce an existing contest on Monday so be sure to check back in!

Bridal Beauty: Long Wearing Lip Gloss

Bridal Beauty Lip Gloss

The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is lug around a tube of lip gloss. I suppose you could slide it under your garter or ask a bridesmaid to hold onto it, but that’s a pain too. There’s no doubt that long wearing lip color is the way to go when it comes to bridal beauty.

The catch is that usually long wearing lip glosses can be dry or get tacky as time goes on. And with all the smooching you will be doing throughout the day, you want a soft shiny lip.

Fortunately, cosmetic companies are all over this! There are several new types of lip gloss that are a stain/gloss hybrid – perfect for brides. On the luxury end of the scale  is Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain. The brand describes it as “A revolutionary new lip product that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain.”

I have the YSL Rouge Pur gloss in the Pourpre Preview shade, a rich pinky plum. I love how versatile this product is. One coat adds just a hint of color, but if you build it up with two or three coats it has a great saturation of color and lasts for at least 4 hours. If you eat or drink, the shine dulls a bit, but the color remains.

If you are going for a natural, glowing makeup look on your wedding day, I recommend these shades:

29 Rose Fourreau – This is a nice natural nude pink that is just a little darker than a bare lip.

15 Rose Vinyl – Although this looks really pink, if you use just one or two layers and blot it will be the perfect bridal pink.


If you don’t want to shell out $32 for the YSL version or (like me) want the instant gratification of being able to march into your drugstore and buy something, you’re  in luck! The L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain is almost identical and retails around $10. Both cosmetics brands are owned by the same company, so it is likely that they used the same technology with slightly different quality ingredients and fragrances.

Like the YSL Rouge Pur, there are some great nude and pink shades of the Caresse, like Eternally Nude. I also like some of their deeper shades:

Coral Tattoo – I have this lovely bright coral color, which would be great for an offbeat bride or to swipe on for the afterparty.

Endless Red: If you are looking for a classic red that isn’t too bright or too orange, this is a nice pick.

Have you tried any of these glosses? Let us know what you think!

{Images via Rhapsodic Musings, YSL Beauty and L’Oreal Paris}



Happy New Year! A Look Back At Our Top Ten Posts of 2012

Wedding Sparklers

We are so excited to ring in 2013! Since Dress Safari’s official launch in February we have had a great year covering the latest bridal fashion trends and designers and can’t wait to bring you even more loveliness.

Before we officially welcome the new year, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at our top ten posts of 2012. From trends like colorful wedding dresses and shoes to gorgeous gowns from Inbal Dror and J’Aton, we are swooning all over again looking at all the pretty in these posts.


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{Featured image via Floridian Weddings}

For the Gents: The Preppy Groom

Preppy Groom Attire

Can I please tell you how obsessed I am with this preppy groom in a punchy tuxedo! I spotted it on Pinterest and the entire Lily Pulitzer-inspired photo shoot was featured in the latest issue of Southern Weddings magazine. Maybe it’s just my South Florida roots coming through, but I think that if you are lucky enough to have a fashion-forward groom this look is a must.

While there is something to be said for the traditional dark suit or tuxedo, I love it when guys mix it up and let their personal style come through. Even if your man isn’t up for the pink and orange combo, I could totally see this working with navy and kelly green. The key is adding the tuxedo pleated shirt and patterned accessories. A striped belt and the printed bow tie/pocket square combo pull the look together perfectly.

What do you think? Any guys out there willing to give it a go? If not for the wedding, then perhaps the rehearsal dinner!

{Image via Southern Weddings/KT Merry Photography}

Wedding Hair Tips from Carlos Perina of Corte Salon

Carlos Perina Corte Salon

Picking a hairstylist for your wedding day and settling on the perfect style can be a nerve wracking experience for many brides. When I was getting married, my number one worry about my wedding day was that my hair would look bad and become (literally) a hot mess in the Miami humidity. My first hair trial went okay, but after leaving I looked back at all the pictures and wasn’t wowed. What’s worse, I didn’t have confidence that my stylist would give me a look that would last past cocktail hour.

Fortunately, I have the absolute BEST hairstylist who helped steer me in the right direction after hearing about my mishaps. Carlos Perina is the owner of Corte Salon in the U Street Corridor of Washington, D.C. Corte is a boutique salon that is all about providing clients with an exclusive, unique experience in an elegant, serene, and sophisticated environment. It was voted one of the best salons in the country by Elle Magazine.

Carlos referred me to a stylist he knew personally at the Oribe Salon on South Beach and disaster was averted.

Since Carlos has decades of experience and has styled many brides and wedding parties over the years, I asked him to share his top ten wedding hair tips with us on Dress Safari. I hope his advice will help you  select the best hairstylists for your wedding day and pick the perfect style!

  1. When looking for a stylist, look for someone that has experience in weddings. You want someone that is a great listener, passionate, fast and efficient!
  2. Be sure that you pick a stylist who answers all of your questions in your first meeting and can commit to the date of your wedding. {Safari Tip: There is nothing worse than going through a whole conversation or trial with a hair stylist only to find out they are booked on your wedding day! Make sure this is the first question you ask.}
  3. If you are getting married locally I recommend using your personal stylist because they will know you the best and can design a hairstyle that will fit your personality. If you are getting married outside of your city, ask for recommendations from other brides in the area, either through family or friends or from message boards.
  4. Consider your wedding dress first. The style of the hair relates directly to the style of the dress and usually falls into one of three categories: modern, classic or romantic.
  5. Be sure to specify the mood of the wedding to your stylist from the beginning so that you will end up with the appropriate hairstyle for the event. For example, if you are having a casual garden wedding an elaborate updo with crystal accents may not be appropriate.
  6. Other factors to consider when picking your style: weather, the time of day for your wedding, the venue and any themes you’ve chosen.
  7. Prepare for your hair trial by bringing multiple images of styles that you like. Some of the really savvy brides have all the files ready on their iPads so that they can flip through them easily with their stylist at the trial.
  8. Communicate your likes and dislikes to the stylist! Don’t be afraid to speak up. Another key to a successful trial is bringing a trusted friend or family member! They can give you a second (honest) opinion.
  9. You should try two different styles before you pick out the perfect look!
  10. Make sure that you pick a style that is something you will look back on in ten years and not regret.

Have you had a successful (or unsuccessful!) hair trial? What tips do you have for other brides?

{Images via Jay Premack and NBC 4 Washington}