After the Wedding: Trash the Dress

Beach Balloons Trash the Dress

It used to be that once your wedding day was over you had your wedding dress cleaned and preserved, stored away for future generations to wear. Many modern brides are looking to get more out of their dresses with “trash the dress” photo sessions, post wedding.

Trash the dress is exactly what it sounds like – after the wedding you take those fun or extreme pictures that make your white dress a little less than pristine. It’s a fun follow-up, especially if you didn’t have a ton of time for pictures on the big day. Since the photographer has more time to get creative and the session is more low-key, you can get some pretty awesome pictures.

I love this shoot from 13:13 Boutique Wedding Photography – they did a sports themed shoot featuring tennis and soccer because the groom is a physical education teacher!

13:13 is also responsible for the beautiful featured image in the post – set on the beach with a more editorial, whimsical feel.

Speaking of whimsical, how lovely is this bride riding horseback through the waves in Montego Bay by Aaron Watson Photography! I spotted this on Pinterest and swooned.

I also love the idea of an underwater shot, like this amazing one from Critsey Rowe Photography. Makes me wonder how long they had to hold their breath for!

Even if you don’t live near the beach, you could still do a great trash the dress session by getting creative. I love the idea of using paint to graffiti one another!

Would you do a trash the dress session?

{Images via 13:13 Photography, Aaron Watson Photography, Critsey Rowe Photography, Alea Lovely, Marcin Labedzki }

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